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What are the characteristics of point reading pens?

1, point reading function. You can make a wonderful sound by just reading a little bit of the pen. You can book different places on the book, make different sounds, point Chinese characters, read Chinese characters, point Pinyin, read Pinyin, point stories, tell stories, and sing songs. Where you really don’t know anything, make your child smart early and smarter.
2, intelligence function. A voice feedback game set point reading pen by common practice into interactive games, thus greatly improve the child’s interest in learning, improve the learning enthusiasm of the children, let the children relaxed and happy learning. Let children find happiness in study. It can also arouse children’s logical thinking ability, so that he can learn to think independently and develop his brain.
3 puzzle games. The point reading pen Turns practice into a game, which can greatly enhance children’s interest in learning and make children learn with ease and pleasure. Let the children learn in the entertainment, learning, entertainment, learning and entertainment two correct. Let the child fall in love with the study.

How to choose a pen for children?

Parents, if you are considering buying a set of reading pens for your own children or for gifts, here are some suggestions for your reference. A price of the current regular manufacturers to point to the retail price of reading pens, mostly in 400~600 yuan each, can buy below this price, it should be said to be super value (cottage version or promotion on the other). The more fire an advertisement plays, the higher the price, the longer the distribution channels and the more expensive the goods – the truth everyone should know. You can choose the right one, but you don’t have to buy expensive one. Two function point reading pen function is summed up as two functions, namely, reading with sound point and MP3 playing. Effect of initial impression point reading pen is to let the children learn some knowledge of the entertainment at the same time independent (Chinese characters, Pinyin, digital, poetry), listen to stories, sing songs. In depth, we can develop children’s intelligence, exercise logical thinking, standardize pronunciation environment and develop autonomous learning ability. Of course, not a superstitious fulcrum reading pen can cultivate a genius, parents need to guide and nurture key. Three, the quality of this regard to consider more: 1, first of all, sound quality should be clear, loud, standard. Cottage’s sound is very small, very noisy oh. Touch at 2 and react quickly. Shanzhai usually takes a long time. 3, children need to knock against falling, in this regard, manufacturers in the design of structures are considered. As long as you don’t use hammers or darts, it’s basically no problem. 4, environmental protection, regular manufacturers do not go to save this little money, mostly using environmentally friendly plastic. 5, books printed beautifully, rich in content, paper thicker and binding firm. Books are best dealt with rounded corners, because books sharp corners, scratches the eyes of children. 6, the service life of 35 years is enough, this just can not see, there is no need to worry about good after-sales service. Four, service point reading pen is also electronic products, bad luck, a little small problems are normal, businesses are generally marked by the state commitment to “three packs” service. Locally registered companies or have fixed after-sales service points, after-sales service is relatively secure. Sincerely do business in the market, will not do 32 days on foot. Five configuration mid-range standard configuration, generally more than a pen with eight books, with charger and data lines, in part in a number of pens. The eight book contains enough knowledge to be enough before 6, and no more books. Some parents point out that, in addition to identifying children’s textbooks, they also need to be able to read primary and secondary school textbooks. In fact, they do not have any problems at the technical level. But most of the point reading pens are 1~6 years old children’s entertainment & learning supplies, which seem too childish for the older children. More than the average price of electricity reading pens are charged, and dry batteries are both troublesome and environmentally friendly. As for host memory, more than 1GB will be enough. Pay attention to the above problems and then buy some pens to make sure you don’t regret it.

What are the functions of a point reading pen?

First, the point reading function
Different places on the book, different voices, you can also point to the same place to make different voices; point to Chinese, speak Chinese, speak English, speak stories, sing songs. Written use of the second generation encryption OID pen point, induction is very sensitive, where do not know where, as early as early smart, the smarter the more points.
Two simultaneous translation
Point reading pens can be realized by specific translation buttons, such as: Chinese, English, English and Chinese translation.
Three puzzle games
By setting up games with voice feedback, the practice turns into a game that greatly enhances learning interest, interesting game interaction, and helps children develop self-confidence and develop intelligence quickly.
Four, read, repeat
Point reading pen operation is very simple, repeated clicks can achieve repeat function; or after reading the text content, light press open key 1 second, can also repeat reading. From preschool literacy and Chinese Pinyin, interesting songs, to Ancient Chinese Literature Search arithmetic, three character classic, Tang poetry and English reading, give the child a comprehensive learning.
Five, double horn HD pronunciation
Point reading pen voice pronunciation, to provide the most authoritative Mandarin scheme and the American English pronunciation scheme; high quality double horn, ensure clear sound quality, provide a good language learning context for children, help the children contact and cultivate correct pronunciation, develop a good sense of language, let the children start to stand in the correct starting point on.
Six, safety and environmental protection
Point reading pen non-toxic, tasteless, and no noise pollution. Built in lithium battery, safe, economical and environmentally friendly. The nib design is very sleek and fully conforms to the ergonomic features of children. The use of environmentally friendly materials ABS shell and UV (UV) material; the sound is not the mechanical wave, electromagnetic wave; sound is 60 decibels DB within the strict control in the reasonable range of listening and reading children.

7 big differences between point reading machine and point reading pen

1: shape: point reading machine is large, not easy to carry; point reading pen is small, easy to carry.
2: Structure: point reading machine, the following is the circuit, complex; point reading pen is simple
3, safety: point reading machine safety is low, point reading pen high
4, cost-effective: point reading machine more expensive, reading pen more affordable
5, practical: point reading machine buttons more and complex, 4, 5 years old children difficult to operate point, reading pen operation is simple, a little on the line
6, consumption: point reading machine consumes large resources, not environmental protection point, reading pen consumption, small resources, environmental protection
7, the point reading machine hits the edge ball of publishing house. Have your own point of reading, there will be more resources later
Point reading pen is a new generation of educational learning tool after learning machine and point reading machine. Including point reading, translation, repetition, games and many other functions.
The point reading pen combines electronic new technology and books closely, and develops a series of sound books. It integrates the traditional books with the digital sound technology, and adds the sound to the books. It is a thorough subversion of traditional books, greatly improving the interest and richness of reading books.
Point pens can enrich their experience, stimulate their interests, develop their brain, by engaging children in various targeted games and activities, stimulating their senses of touch, sight, and hearing.
The biggest selling point of point reading pens is to make children fall in love with learning, and also to develop the whole brain.

What’s the difference between point reading machine and point reading pen?

The pen is the use of two-dimensional code technology in printed books, sound files will be implanted in the book, the user choice points in the process of using the read a page, just click on the page design, text, digital content, reading pen can high-speed camera two-dimensional code on the books and head identification read the corresponding content of sound files through the written assembly, the identification accuracy is above 99.8%.
What’s the difference between point reading machine and point reading pen — point reading pen?
The point reading machine uses the principle of setting up the warp and weft position corresponding to the contents of the book in the process of making the pronunciation document”. The user puts the textbook on the machine board and uses a special pen to write the text, pictures, numbers and other content of the book, and the machine sends out the corresponding sound.
For example: “watermelon” in primary school Chinese third pages from the top left (X, Y), then selected for this book this page with the pen tablet perceived of (X, Y) touch it, you can receive instructions to read on this point relative the sound file, namely “watermelon”.

Is the point pen useful?

Reading is a kind of innovative learning tools, is suitable for children’s education, because children can’t read, so it must be by means of learning, see strange pictures, gently point you can learn knowledge. At the same time, through listening and view, it can effectively promote the development of children’s cognition. This shows that reading pen is useful, but only rely on the point reading pen is not enough, after all, is just a tool, children’s education needs more parents guide, parents accompany their children grow up together, it is an important part in children’s education. Mom and dad to remember all the toys or learning the point reading pen, or e-books, always just a tool used by children only, can never replace Mom and dad around the real world brought him resources and surprise.

How do you use the point pen?

Because the point reading pen has a high speed camera, and the camera is also arranged in the pen position of the point reading pen, and the outside is protected by a hard plastic shell, so the attention points for the use of the middle point reading pen are as follows:
How about reading pens? How about reading pens and reading pens? Is it useful for children’s study?
1. don’t let point reading pen on the water, so the water will enter the circuit board, which is characteristic of any electronic products must pay attention to, but also will damage the camera, but a camera stick on the dirt, will greatly reduce the point reading pen read sensitivity, so only the replacement of the camera can be resolved the above problems.
2. do not point the pen to the screen of the tv. The other is CRT TV, the TV screen is a high speed electronic scanning line, and has a greater intensity of light in the near distance, if the point reading pen point read by the camera in the TV screen, high intensity light will put the camera photosensitive IC burn, this point especially to guide children to parents note that in the process of using.
3. don’t read written to the hard object gravity impact, the impact is likely to cause damage to the camera point reading pen shell, when reading pen protection point reading pen head is damaged, and the camera is easily affected by the impact of solder joint and the line is damaged, it is also very important.
4., read the pen, when the battery is low, to charge in time, if the point of reading pen when the power is low, long (three months or more) is not charged, easy to cause damage to the built-in lithium battery, so that it can not be charged.
5. point reading pen is a small computer, usually non normal use occasionally cause the reading pen crash, rarely appear this kind of circumstance, then please reset switch under the top point reading pen with a toothpick or other thin material (a hole) a few seconds, or the charger plug in a few seconds on the electric charge to reset, point reading pen is restored to normal state.

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